The event is revolving around the concept of failure, bravery, challenge and those who mastered their talent and learnt how to win – The Mentors.

The Mentors – Achievers: Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Entrepreneurs will share with You- The Braves their experience during the roundtables. 

You will have a privileged opportunity to meet them, hear their story and chat with them as your future friends. You are invited to ask your specific questions, debate, get advice and share mottos, references and strengths.


Olivier Toth – Rockhall Manager
Paul SchonenbergAMCHAM Chairman – American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg
Ben Olinger, Radio Presenter and Public Figure 
Jacques MolitorFilmmaker
Pit DahmMusician 
Michel FouargeArtist
Valery Mendes, Founder Your Bartender Luxembourg
Michel Tereba, Actor, Director
Lata Gouveia, founder of Grund Club asbGrund Club asb
Gigja BirgisdottirModel Agent & Image Consultant
Kelsey Hopper Yoga Instructor
Nourddine Sli, Founder of Explose
Carole Miltgen, Founder of

How agenda looks like? 

15:30 – 16:15 – Mentors Intro
16:30-17:30 – Roundtables with Mentors
17:30 – 18:00 – Concert FRANK LANDON
18:00 – Networking

Are you in or out ?

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